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Re: [spoon-discuss] Step one on the road to InterNomic II

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On Thursday 10 April 2003 10:48 pm, Baron von Skippy wrote:
> >Whoops... Why don't I finish writing before I send...
> >
> >The first of these 'wars' happened because Rishonomic allowed references
> > to Agora in its rules; we could not take similar action against another
> > Nomic unless they allowed us to affect their game.
> >
> >The second war was never conclusively proven to be the work of Agora; but
> >it is suspected that the proposals success was partially due to Agoran
> >agents... And yes, we could player-bomb another nomic, if we had more
> >players, and propose to end eir games if we wanted to... but what good
> >would it do? If somebody did that to us, I'd advocate simply starting a
> > new game, call it B Prime Nomic, with an initial ruleset identical to B
> > Nomic's final ruleset. What would the attack accomplish, then? It'd force
> > us to add an apostrophe after the B on the title page. W00t.
> >
> >--
> >Wonko
> -So we keep joining and joining. They can't block (a) player names, (b)
> e-mail addresses, or (c) B Nomic players (if they block B Nomic players, we
> either add the ' to our name anyway or we just lie about it), and
> eventually their people will quit out of frustration. Or maybe they'll lock
> out all new players, in which case they stagnate. People get bored fast,
> you know. If we can keep something up longer than them, they might give in.
> What we need first is a solid ally. Another Nomic we can work with and rely
> upon to join with us in a mutually beneficial relationship, and who can
> donate people to the cause of breaking other Nomics. Let me announce that
> Nomicron is not the Nomic for this, which is saddening for me. Those people
> are too conservative to be allowed... you know, they might be a good test
> run for our supreme domin... er, crushing vic... er, beneficial for us
> plans.-

Thermodynomic is new (started yesterday, or thereabouts), interesting, and 
totally incompatible with every other nomic ever imagined :) There's Agora, 
of course...
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You know that feeling when you're leaning back on a stool and it starts to tip 
over?  Well, that's how I feel all the time.
- -- Steven Wright
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