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[spoon-discuss] Prop 1434

Item 2: Doesn't this take away the argument you were
making before about automation scripts being a

Item 3: Taking away any requirement that a member of a
society obeys that society's rules means membership in
a society carries no responsibility.  You said
automation scripts can be used to grant a society the
right to command its members to do things, but a
society can't require that said automation script be
created.  This also prevents the formation of any sort
of society-based subgame, such as Wonko has been
trying to do for a while, because the members of the
society would not be obligated to follow the subgame's

Also, I don't see the point of adding "or a rule" to
"A society does not take actions unless its charter
dictates that it does."  That's a redundancy, since
anything in the context of the game has to obey the
rules (see r10).  It also creates a circular argument,
since the first part of the subsection says a society
can take certain actions limited by the restrictions,
but the restrictions say a society can take an action
if a rule permits it, and lo! the earlier part of the
rule permits it.  This is a muddling logic loop that I
could see being CFId either way.

-- Glotmorf

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