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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] The Daily Recognizer (Thursday evening)

--- Orc In A Spacesuit <orcinaspacesuit@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> >From: "Glotmorf" <glotmorf@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> >On 4/3/03 at 9:58 PM David E. Smith wrote:
> >>Orc moves on the Grid, picking up a Bonus Box
> (ooh! Shiny! +25 pts).
> >
> >Mr. A...Orc in a Spacesuit cannot move to eir new
> location, as e is inside 
> >the new siren's ZATR.
> Well, no, I couldn't walk away.  But I could
> certainly stare wistfully at 
> the Siren while I kick the throttle foreward.  Hence
> that fix prop I made.

I thought the purpose of your prop was to stop me from
using my remote to fly my speeder away with me in it
where I wouldn't ordinarily be able to move away.

R301 says, "If it is not the Tango Season, Players in
a Siren's ZOE may only move to other Grid Squares in
that Siren's ZOE, and Players in a Siren's ZATR may
only move to Grid squares in that Siren's ZATR or Grid
squares in that Siren's ZOE."  Its use of the word
"move" suggests it doesn't differentiate moving by
walking from moving by flying.

R1071 says, "If a player moves in an Airspeeder, e may
not move while not in that Airspeeder for the rest of
the nweek." I'd say that context means moving is
moving, and whether or not one is in an airspeeder
only dictates how much.

-- Glotmorf

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