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Re: [spoon-discuss] Thoughts on props 38 B

--- Orc In A Spacesuit <orcinaspacesuit@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> >From: "Glotmorf" <glotmorf@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> >>Proposal 1404/3 __Rescinding props__
> >>FATAL FLAW!  It allows anyone to Rescind ANY prop,
> whether or not it's 
> >>theirs.  Plus, "treated as if it did not exist"
> doesn't seem right; how 
> >>about stating it doesn't get put on the ballot,
> and is not voted on.  Oh, 
> >>and I would suggest not limiting it to players, as
> Glotmorf said.
> >
> >Proposals are owned by their proposers, right?  And
> don't the rules say you 
> >can't mess with my stuff without my permission?
> No, they aren't.  They are just proposed by their
> proposers.

Okay...but are we looking at the same prop?  The
p1404/3 I see says "A Player may at any time Rescind
any prop that meets all of the following conditions:
... * It was proposed by the rescinding entity".  I
think that covers your concern.

-- Glotmorf

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