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Re: [spoon-discuss] insta-rule questions

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On Tuesday 01 April 2003 07:56 pm, Daniel Lepage wrote:
> On Tuesday, April 1, 2003, at 02:58  AM, Glotmorf wrote:
> > Since insta-rules are carryable, should they also be recyclable?
> Sure.
> > If so, how much should they be recycled for?
> 50 RUs. Plus an explosion, which knocks the recycler across the grid
> and probably hurts like a bitch. You can't just merrily vaporize all
> that rule-power without some sort of energy release, after all.
> > And should recycling an insta-rule cause it to be repealed?
> Yes. And to explode. And possible even to cause similar I-Rules to
> explode out of sympathy.

I propose:
__Recycling insta-rules__

In section A.3.1 in rule 21 add the following to the table:
Insta-rules			50

Create the following rule:
__Insta-rules explode__

When an insta-rule is destroyed, except when it is repealed, it explodes. An 
insta-rule may only explode once. When an insta-rule explodes, the following 
occurs, in order:
* A can of whoopass is cracked open at its location, hereafter referred to as 
the epicenter.
* Any players at the epicenter are thrown, elbonia-style at the epicenter.
* Any insta-rules at the epicenter or adjacent to it explode.
* The insta-rule is destroyed.
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