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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] That's a lotta bulldozers

On 4/2/03 at 3:49 PM Daniel Lepage wrote:

>On Wednesday, April 2, 2003, at 03:21  PM, Orc In A Spacesuit wrote:
>> [[On spoon-business this time.]]
>> [[A little bug I found in mining:  you can strip mine a location
>> that's being strip mined already.  As such,]]
>> IiSstrip Mine (9,5), paaaying thequaalitycost.
>> IiSstrip Mine (9,5), paaaying thequaalitycost.
>> IiSstrip Mine (9,5), paaaying thequaalitycost.
>> IiSstrip Mine (9,5), paaaying thequaalitycost.
>> IiSstrip Mine (9,5), paaaying thequaalitycost.
>> [[Question is, is this a bug or a feature?  We could say that more
>> crews in the same place work faster.  Also note that it will pay out
>> for starting with gravel each time, but the payout for finishing
>> will vary with each set of mining will depend on the substance that
>> particular crew finds.  I say it's at least partially a bug, with
>> all this starting bonus.]]
>It will not pay out for starting with gravel each time; they'll all
>finish in order, and every time the substance will change from whatever
>it was before *that particular finishing*, to one of {Rock, Water,
>Earth, and Gravel}. Then the next one will finish, changing it from
>whichever of those was selected to something else. In each case, it
>looks at the 'new' and 'old' substances *with respect to the change*,
>meaning what it was changed from and what it was changed to. So you do
>get 10 bonus RUs from starting on Gravel for the first one, iff it's
>still Gravel when the mining finishes.
>Note that this means that if the square becomes Wet, or has its
>substance changed because of explosions/Destruction/whatever, you don't
>get the bonus.
>This is a bit of a bug as it circumvents the restriction on how many
>mining ops can go on at once - there's a limit on how many *squares*
>can be mined at once, but not on how many times a given square can be
>Regarding Glotmorf's point about Depth - it's legal if it all starts
>when it's at the right level. Once any of these finishes, you won't be
>able to do more.

Actually, the current definition of "location" (which I created to allow for this sort of thing) includes X, Y and Z coordinates, Z being elevation.  So, assuming strip-mining five times in one place is considered five consecutive actions, it will result in five different locations being mined, one underneath another.

Which means the location at (9,5,-1) can't be strip-mined until the location at (9,5,0) is, because, with (9,5,0) in the way, (9,5,-1) can't be moved to.


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