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[spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] If it IS broke, fix it!


{{ _If It IS Broke, Fix It!_

Add to Rule 1075 the following:

C. Integrity Repairs

A speeder's integrity can be repaired by WBE at a cost of 10 BNS and 5 RUs per point of integrity. Integrity repairs are performed under the same conditions as upgrades, though integrity repairs cannot be returned.

[[ Comments on the price, anyone? ]]



-Far, far too expensive. That means 1000 BNS and 500 RUs to recoup 100 points of damage. At 15 points per speeder, I'll just buy a new speeder - not only is it cheaper, but the money goes to vSOI, not to WBE. Now, if you changed that so that that price was per 5 points, I could see this as viable. 200 BNS and 100 RUs are far more affordable.-


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