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Re: [spoon-discuss] Prop 1418 might want to put a conditional on here, in case p1407 passes, since it would mean all this stuff will get destroyed in the event of a win.
-Conditional where in the prop, and what kind of conditional? What should change if 1407 goes through?-

I should think having an unpowered improvement be deactivated would be better than scrapped. The average RL factory wouldn't go into meltdown if it had no power. Perhaps a systemwide brownout is another alternative.
-You mean, nothing works unless you have enough power? That could work, I just figured it would be less hassle for the person keeping track (and quite possibly more satisfying) to nuke unpowered improvements. Still, I like your idea a little better.-

Should service malls have unowned landing zones? I know Elbonian Airways is far more concerned with takeoff than landing, but still...:)
-Dunno. Hey, everyone, SHELVE this one this nweek - I'm not going to have time to fix it until after voting starts, but I'll be happy to tweak it as soon as possible.-


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