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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] A grand entrance (sort of)...

Quoth Joshua Caudle,

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>> Quoth Joshua Caudle,
>>> I, Squire Of Dimness, do hereby announce my desire to to join the game
> of B
>>> Nomic.
>>> I declare my Gender to be M.
>>> I enter the grid at (15,8)
>>> I pick up the Sledge O Matic.
>>> I propose the following:
>>> Amend rule 503 with the following XX-delimited text:
>>> XX
>>> Players may only drink glasses of chamagne that are currently in their
>>> possession.
>>> XX
>> Such is already the case, is it not?
>> --
>> Wonko
> This is not expresssly stated in rule 503 and that's aprt of the problem.
> the rule states only that a player must state e is drinking the glass of
> champagne to do so not that the glass of schampagne is within eir
> possession. I fully concur with Orc's CFI on the matter if I didnt' I
> wouldn't have made the prop to cover the loophole.. there is no such
> loophole in any other object rule. each explicitly states that the player
> must be in possession of an object to consume or otherwise modify it. thusly
> glotmorf suggestion for alteration is redundancy and as orc stated  earlier
> it would prevent players from picking up items in random grid squares as
> that would modify the status oif said object though it is not within the
> possesion of said player. Thusly I made the prop exclusive to 503 as no
> other object rules are in need of similar modifications, andto make a
> generalised rule would cripple current gameplay by being too ambiguous.

There is a generalized rule - Hands Off! - which states that unless a rule
explicitly states that players may modify objects which other players
possess, then they can't without permission from the object's owner.


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