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[spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Dealing with Wonko's Wealth

Quoth Jeremy "Athena" Cook,

> Change the title of "Stock Control" to "Wealth Control".
> Change the contents of proposal 958 to:
> {{
> Transfer all BNS Wonko owns except 500 to the Bank.
> Give Wonko one point of Respect.
> }}

Seeing as I plan on giving most of the money back anyway, is this really
neccessary? You could replace this with a Declaration of Respect and
essentially get another unit of bandwidth...

I just haven't given any back yet as people own billions of billions of
slightly valuable stock - if I put it back, somebody else will just take it
again. But as soon as my proposal passes, I'll give most of the money back.

BTW, 500 is depressingly little, isn't it - it's the equivalent to starting
me over from the beginning, as that's how much new players get upon joining.
Don't I get to keep something?

Maybe I'll make that tee-shirts proposal after all...


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