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Re: [spoon-discuss] ooh, entropy!

>>>>> With the addition of three new players in this nweek, the Entropy page
>>>>> deserves a look by, well, a few people.
>>>>> Wonko and Glotmorf are into the 3-syllable limit. Baron von Skippy is
>>> well
>>>>> into the 1-syllable range, but that was true before the most recent
>>>>> additions.
>>>> -Is that effective immediately or next nweek?-
>>>> -BvS-
>>> -Never mind. Oh, and before anyone complains about my multisyllabic words
>>> used in business messages after Dave said I was over the one-syllable
>>> limit
>>> (probably too late), I hadn't sen it yet. If this is still a problem,
>> I'll
>>> rerelease the messages, just make sure to leave the text of the erroneous
>>> message in your complaint...-
>> What about your proposals this nweek?
>> Glotmorf
> -What about them? Dave didn't announce my high entropy until today. I wrote > 'em all before that. Unless you want me to rerelease all of my s-b messages
> since I bought a lot of Gnomes, which ain't happening...-

Does high entropy matter? Yes, the entropy rule forbids you to post words of more than one syllable. On the other hand, you went ahead and did it anyway.
Shows what the rules are good for.

It's another case of Nomic rules trying to regulate real life - the rules
can accept input from the real world, but they cannot directly force things
to happen in the real world.

Don't worry about Entropy restrictions. They're not really there.

There is no Restriction.

-The way I see it, I'm not responsible until it's been announced. And if I violate the rules afterwards, it can either be ignored if it was a mistake or I can be forced to resend my message if it was a blatant violation. This was an example of the former, so let's just ignore it, move on, and not worry about the petty things. I'll obey that rule from now on, as the rules say I have to. They just don't say what happens if I don't. Seems like a mistake to me.-


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