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Re: [spoon-discuss] entropy

>>> Damn. One syll. words. Ah well, most swear words have one syll., so you
>>> will know just how I feel, it will just be less el. o. quent. Damn
>> and to think, if more popele had voted for my tower of babel proposal you
>> would have been able to find a refuge.  Hmph.
>> Oh btw.  someone might want to amend the monolith rule so that it is
>> possible to create and use a monolith while under a syllable limit, or
>> they will stagnate and never be used.  Unfortunately the action requred
>> too many syllables... "geometry"?
>I've written a Gremlin that wanders around making them. I just need to come >up with a good name for "the Druid Gremlin", and to finish writing a story
>about it.



-Dude, from the Asterix books... but he wasn't really a Druid. e did deal in monoliths and monolith-like big rocks, so it kind of works.-


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