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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end... or something.

On 8/13/02 at 10:28 PM Baron von Skippy wrote:

>>>>>I'm not getting rich off of this, and neither is anyone else. Except
>>>>>Wonko, that one time, but that doesn't count.-
>>>>>                                                   -BvS-
>>>>Well, you are getting less poor than you otherwise would if you had to
>>>>pay full price.
>>>>Orc In A Spacesuit
>>>>Current Status: Wanting a fair and equitable system before he takes
>>>>advantage of everybody.
>>>-Well, of course I am. Why the devil else would I have created vSOI than
>>>as a convienient venue to my getting my hands on a PGGB Gnome? I mean,
>>>um... I did it so that people could have quality products at reasonable
>>>                                                   -BvS-
>>By "people" you mean, of course, "me and my allies?" (BTW: Please can
>>someone agree to have me in vSOI?)
>-That's not what it means... who said there were alliances? It's more of a
>mutual support thing. I let them in on profits and discounts (I'm so nice)
>and maybe they feel better about me and are nice to me. *thinks about this
>bit* Maybe. I'm not sure whether it's happening so far, but then again,
>there haven't been any profits until this nweek.-

Tsk.  Baron, you need a spin doctor.  Pardon me whilst I audition...

von Skippy Overproductions, Inc. endeavors to provide the public with a wide variety of high-quality products at competitive prices.  These aren't your ordinary gnomes that one can find lying here and there to be casually picked up.  These are machined to perfection using our own patented process to guarantee satisfaction, first squeeze, every squeeze.

Why do we charge for this product?  While we would love to supply everyone with top-notch gnomeries for free, we regret that our industrial processes, developed by our professional R&D teams, do generate expenses, which we must meet in order to continue our tradition of good merchandise and great service.  This is reflected in the fact that even our employees don't get our products for free; some cost must be met in the purchase.

Take another look at our products.  See the craftsmanship crystallized into each item.  Feel the factory-fresh newness, smell the gnome-fresh odor, hear the happy cries as you break the cellophane on your newly bought gnome.  Then you'll know just what it is your money has brought you.

von Skippy Overproductions.  Quality gnomes, for quality consumers.


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