Baron von Skippy on 14 Aug 2002 02:45:04 -0000

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Re: [spoon-discuss] ooh, entropy!

>>>With the addition of three new players in this nweek, the Entropy page
>>>deserves a look by, well, a few people.
>>>Wonko and Glotmorf are into the 3-syllable limit. Baron von Skippy is
>>>into the 1-syllable range, but that was true before the most recent
>>-Is that effective immediately or next nweek?-
>>                                                   -BvS-
>-Never mind. Oh, and before anyone complains about my multisyllabic words
>used in business messages after Dave said I was over the one-syllable
>(probably too late), I hadn't sen it yet. If this is still a problem, I'll
>rerelease the messages, just make sure to leave the text of the erroneous
>message in your complaint...-

What about your proposals this nweek?


-What about them? Dave didn't announce my high entropy until today. I wrote 'em all before that. Unless you want me to rerelease all of my s-b messages since I bought a lot of Gnomes, which ain't happening...-


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