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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Orc does more stuff

Quoth Glotmorf,

> On 8/12/02 at 11:20 PM Baron von Skippy wrote:
>>> I request a mentor.
>>> I declare my gender to be Male.
>>> I propose the following rule:
>>> {{__Bad Dog!__
>>> It is illegal for B Nomic players to urinate on Joel's machine.
>>> }}
>>> Orc In A Spacesuit
>>> Current Status: So preoccupied he can't even remember to alter his
>>> signature.
>> -Well, this seems silly, except that I suppose it isn't regulated or
>> illegal...-
> Yeah, it is.  Urinating on most computers would cause them to short out
> ("Emits showers of sparks") or otherwise become inoperable.  This would
> trigger a State of Emergency, which would be a gamestate change.  Therefore
> urinating on Joel's computer is an unpermitted gamestate change, and thus
> illegal.
> So this rule is redundant.

No, because urinating on Joel's machine is not part of the Nomic's virtual
world - it is part of the real world, and thus cannot be regulated by the
ruleset. Otherwise, you can't wear your non-green shirt, remember,


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