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Re: [spoon-discuss] A lot of replies

Oh, and the Uber Proposal is now up to 9 pages now.

If there's any way to break this 'uber proposal' up into smaller ones, you might want to do it. I know I at least will vote against anything that I don't have time to read through. (Dan's 'Physical Law' proposal suffered from similar problems, if I remember correctly...)


The Uber Proposal is actually a collection of things that can easily be put into different proposals. Those things are:

* The creation of a few rules, which themselves aren't that long (I don't think any of them top the length of The Grid, at least in my current revision)

* The repeal of a few more rules, because they are replaced or included in one of the created rules. Sometimes a few rules, such as Screw That! are combined with others and parts of others into one simple sentence.

* The revision of a lot of rules, ususally either a wording change ("Change all instances of the word Entity in Rule XXX/X to Player", or some such thing), to make it conform to the new rules; or the removal of something redundant, such as a lot of rules with (near) identical definitions of throwing something

The reason that they are combined into an Uber-Proposal is that if only some of the changes pass, then the ruleset will gain the Status, "Wonky and Confusing as Hell".

I have a list, mostly in my mind, of actual game changes that will get their own seperate Proposals. My Proposal doesn't really change the game, just it's inner workings.

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Current Status: Not yet in the game, and already confusing everyone in it. Sorry.

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