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Re: [spoon-discuss] Too quiet, bd?

A person looks at a nine-page prop, picks his jaw up off the floor, and, after the third pass, wonders what there is in it that he's missing...what hidden loophole is embedded in it that gives its proponent an insta-win.

Well, there's aready many loophole due to "object" "Entity" and "Player" being used pretty much interchangeably in the text now. And I'm doing my darndest to smooth out loopholes. I could be a Wonko, but what's the fun in that?

Well, there's the fame, and the money, and the throngs of admirers throwing themselves at you... Oh, wait, I'm thinking of Elvis.

But I think you'll have more luck (and, for that matter, get more points) by making a fairly empty framework first, then moving things into the framework on a piecemeal basis.

Can't. The basic framework (the definition of Object, Properties, and so forth) is comepletely incompatable with the current ruleset. That's why I have to repeal some that are replaced, and modify a lot to conform to the wording.

Of course at that point, you might as well make a new Nomic... It's object oriented, so we'll have to call it C++ Nomic...


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