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Re: [spoon-discuss] A lot of replies 8/7/02

On 8/7/02 at 2:30 PM Orc In A Spacesuit wrote:

>Glotmorf: Questions?  Comments?  Obscene gestures?
>Orc: Stocks in real life give thier owners part of the profits/losses that
>the company has.  I have an idea to go with this, but need to finish my
>Uber-Rule first.  Anyone else, feel free to make a system based on that;
>just know that I am going to at some point, also.  And hopefully have it
>ready by the time I State My Desire to Join.

That's what the Dividends portion of the player stocks thang was for.  As for the corporations, this is still pretty generic stuff.  It can be made more complex, with customized corporations that rely on individual patterns of events to adjust their prices.

Expand on the idea of shared losses, please.  That might be useful in the player thang.

>Oh, obscene gestures too?
>/¤ ¤\
>d \ p
>  U
>If you can figure  out what that is.

Shaggy from Scooby-Doo after having eaten a foot-long sub in one sideways bite?

>Wonko: Which reminds me, bd's prop in its current form would destroy the
>ruleset, as the first change would be implemented, that is, the repeal of
>the ruleset, afterwhich there would be no basis for the execution of the
>latter part of the proposal, or indeed for the existence of the proposal.
>Orc: Actually, bd's repeals all at once, instead of in order like Uin's
>  One instant they would all be there, the next none would.  In any case,
>do not suppord said proposal.

Somewhere on (I didn't save the URL :P) there's rules for something called Solitaire Nomic.  It starts with mutable and immutable rules.  The object is to eliminate all the rules except a particular immutable rule, then eliminate that one too.  Maybe it inspired Uin.  Maybe.  I was never too sure what inspired Uin...


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