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Re: [spoon-discuss] Reply: Wonko's stock market fix

On 8/7/02 at 7:13 PM Wonko the Sane wrote:

>>A moment after thinking of the above, I realized that Offers can result
>>a very wide loophole in the Kickbacks rule.
>The Kickbacks rule can't have loopholes - a loophole is a way of getting
>around something that works. Kickback banning doesn't work. The rule just
>makes it look uglier.

There is always some means for implementing corruption, even if unofficially.  Offers make it official, though it's limited to individual corruptees.  The Kickback rule, I think, is sort of like the anti-suicide rule, in that it can't necessarily stop it from happening, but provides some groundwork for reactive litigation.


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