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[spoon-discuss] A lot of replies 8/7/02

And now, another bunch of replies!

Glotmorf: Actually, it can be done using Offers. Wonko can Offer to pay a sum of shillings, in exchange for which people will cast a vote in favor of his proposal and votes against the others.

Orc:Hmm. Guess I should read all posts before responding to any, as I just said the same thing. Oops. Well, I am, starting now. EDIT: It appears Wonko might benefit from doing the same :P.


Glotmorf: Check out the "Historical Docs" link on the B Nomic page. You can enter the number of an object, be it rule, proposal or CFJ, and get all versions of that object.

Orc: Oh, thanks! Mithandir, you ought to head there too. Oh, and thanks to Wonko too, even though he was late :)


Glotmorf: Questions?  Comments?  Obscene gestures?

Orc: Stocks in real life give thier owners part of the profits/losses that the company has. I have an idea to go with this, but need to finish my Uber-Rule first. Anyone else, feel free to make a system based on that; just know that I am going to at some point, also. And hopefully have it ready by the time I State My Desire to Join.

Oh, obscene gestures too?
/¤ ¤\
d \ p
If you can figure  out what that is.


_Public Exposure_
[The whole big messy thing about players removed]

Orc: Nice work, but man that is a big messy constructed mess. About as non-messy as it can be with what you are trying to do, but still messy. I think that we should make a few basic rules with no loopholes that have wide implications, and let those implications implicate themselves.


Wonko: Which reminds me, bd's prop in its current form would destroy the ruleset, as the first change would be implemented, that is, the repeal of the ruleset, afterwhich there would be no basis for the execution of the latter part of the proposal, or indeed for the existence of the proposal.

Orc: Actually, bd's repeals all at once, instead of in order like Uin's did. One instant they would all be there, the next none would. In any case, I do not suppord said proposal.

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