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Re: [spoon-discuss] Stocks

>Oh, that's the other thing:
>The price of a player stock is N/10 BNS (rounded up) where N is the
>score, or 0 BNS if the player's score is negative. When a player's stock
>purchased, e receives a bonus equal to the amount spent on the stock
>That means that a) you can't buy stock unless you've got enough BNS and b)
>Glotmorf's 'buy stock sell stock' thing gave us all BNS. Not that it
>matters, as I just took all the remaining BNS, but nonetheless... ;)

Well, the important thing at the time was that I was causing the Baron to lose money...:)

I could see it being interpreted that what one can buy is what there's a price attached to. For corporate stocks, the price is attached to shares. For player stocks, the price is attached to stock. So either "shares" isn't defined for players, or that which is referred to as "shares" in subsection E is equivalent to one unit to which a price has been attached (quantity of 1 for players), or the actual process of purchasing player stocks isn't defined.

In any case, I don't think Wonko's million-share purchase went through.

That's an interesting interpretation. It's also a wrong one.

The rules declare that I can buy shares of any stock. Therefore, I can buy shares of player stocks. Now, it doesn't explicitly state what the price of a share is for a player stock, but if you look at the section regarding corporate stocks, it clearly implies that 'the price of stock A' is a shorthand form of saying 'the price of one share of stock A'.

Yer nitpicking, guy.


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