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Re: [spoon-discuss] Stocks

On 8/2/02 at 8:27 PM Wonko the Sane wrote:

>> >Oh, that's the other thing:
>> >
>> >The price of a player stock is N/10 BNS (rounded up) where N is the
>> >player's
>> >score, or 0 BNS if the player's score is negative. When a player's stock
>> >is
>> >purchased, e receives a bonus equal to the amount spent on the stock
>> >
>> >That means that a) you can't buy stock unless you've got enough BNS and
>> >Glotmorf's 'buy stock sell stock' thing gave us all BNS. Not that it
>> >matters, as I just took all the remaining BNS, but nonetheless... ;)
>>Well, the important thing at the time was that I was causing the Baron to
>>lose money...:)
>>I could see it being interpreted that what one can buy is what there's a
>>price attached to.  For corporate stocks, the price is attached to
>>For player stocks, the price is attached to stock.  So either "shares"
>>isn't defined for players, or that which is referred to as "shares" in
>>subsection E is equivalent to one unit to which a price has been attached
>>(quantity of 1 for players), or the actual process of purchasing player
>>stocks isn't defined.
>>In any case, I don't think Wonko's million-share purchase went through.
>That's an interesting interpretation. It's also a wrong one.
>The rules declare that I can buy shares of any stock. Therefore, I can buy
>shares of player stocks. Now, it doesn't explicitly state what the price
>a share is for a player stock, but if you look at the section regarding
>corporate stocks, it clearly implies that 'the price of stock A' is a
>shorthand form of saying 'the price of one share of stock A'.
>Yer nitpicking, guy.

*sigh* Yeah, I am.  I can try fighting this with CFIs, but all I'd be doing is saving the world for conventional warfare...I had a scheme of my own waiting in the wings.

We've now got a stock exchange system that doesn't work, a worthless monetary system, and a certain win for you within eight nweeks even if you don't submit a single proposal.

I can do the Tyranny of the Majority thang, propose that the stock exchange and monetary systems be aborted and/or reset -- and somehow I don't see it failing -- or we can work out a gentleman's agreement to clean all this up...

Whaddaya think?


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