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[spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] The Daily Recognizer (Friday afternoon)

On Friday 02 August 2002 03:58 pm, David E. Smith wrote:

> bd goes on a mad spending spree! e converts 495 BNS into 45 Score points,
> spending 33 of those points on the components for three Bomb Gnomes. E
> buys another random gnome (2 pts, Herb Gnome). (+35 pts to the Gnome Acct)

I buy 5 random gnomes.

> Mithrandir joins the game. Welcome to the rootinest, tootinest Nomic this
> side of the Pecos! bd is assigned to Mentor Mithrandir. Wild Card returns

[[ Yay! ]]

> to the Mentor Pool, scoring ten points for mentoring Athena, even though
> WC didn't seem to do much of anything. :)
> Mithrandir sets eir gender to Drone.

[[ We are the borg... okay, okay, I'll stop ]]

> Wonko effectively robs the Bank, buying an obscene number of shares in
> Mithrandir, giving the latter 11 points, then selling as many shares as
> can be sold before the bank busts... I'm pretty damn sure eir action is
> legal, sadly. E now owns many many shares of Mithrandir that e can't sell,
> since there's no rules for players trading stock, and the bank is
> bankrupt. (This is a Bad Thing, by the way.)

[[ Uh-oh. ]]

__Insider trading is illegal.__

Create the following rule:
__Die, wonko!__

Wonko may not trade on the Stock market. This rule takes precedence over rule 

Create the following rule:

A player may own no more than 15 shares of any corporation or player. This 
rule takes precedence over rule 946.

Give all points gained by this proposal passing to Mithrandir.
Destroy all stocks held by Wonko.
Transfer all BNS held by Wonko to the bank.
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