Wonko on 1 Mar 2002 02:34:02 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: translation --yoyo gremlin

Quoth Tyler Crosby,

> Ahem...
> While e still exists, I place the yoyo gremlin on the Grid at whichever
> square I happen to be at, (6,5) or (6,6), pick em up and throw em at bean.

Place the Yoyo Gremlin on the Grid? You can't do that unless you're with it
in Limbo, can you? *Players may not change the Gamestate*, right?

Although if someone up in Limbo there wants to chuck it down, that would be

On the multiple Gremlin issue, I think multiple Gremlins would leave a
number of loopholes open for abuse. That's why I made the Gnome proposal, so
we could have a special type of Gremlin-like object for all the Gremlins for
whom multiplication isn't a problem.

I do like Scoff!'s Mogwai idea, though...


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