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spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: Entropy

In honor of my AP Chemistry class, I hereby propose the following rule:

{{ _Second Law of Thermodynomics_


Nomiverses are
very confusing places
due to Entropy.


Create a new rule known as _Entropy_ with the following -0- delimited text:

Players have an attribute called Entropy.  Entropy is a Dimension.  At the
end of each nweek, each player's Entropy shall increase by an amount equal
to the sum of the increase in eir charm for that nweek and 1/2 the number of
game actions (movements, purchases, throws, etc.)taken during that nweek.

The game state shall have a property known as Universal Entropy.  The value
for Universal Entropy is always equal to the sum of all players' Entropy
values.  If Universal Entropy is ever greater than 500, the Clock will be
turned off until the Watch reads 3 wdays, and the following actions will
occur in order immediately: 1)All sirens, big rocks, shields, big sticks,
and balls of wax are destroyed.  2)All players are placed into Limbo.  3)All
properties of grid squares [[such as Wet or Frozen]] are removed.  4)The
Yeti is moved to a random square on the grid.  5)All Gremlins go into
Hiding.  6)All players receive 10 points.   7)All players' Entropy values
are set to 0.

-0- Thus Spake The Voice -0-
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