Dan on 13 Feb 2002 18:58:15 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Predictions of Doom and Gloom

> > I completely agree.  I have been suspiscious of this thing from the
> > start, and I have fought valiantly to keep it from coming to pass.  
> We are > heading for a crash now. 

> Again, how? I've yet to see a single coherent example of how rule 129
> (as opposed to some bizarre misinterpretation thereof) will cause
> problems. Even Chicken Little had *some* evidence.

How's this for starters:  if the Administrator makes an arithmetical error
and gives a player 5 extra points and nobody catches it then the simplest
way to make it consistant would be to add a rule which allows the
administrator to give players points at will.  And that's not a gross
misinterpretation of the rule.  We wouldn't know until 20 days later when
someone pointed it out as part of a scam that the point system was
entirely broken.  And that's a relatively minor thing.  What happens if
the Admin misnumbers one of the rules?  *shudder*

My problem with it is not that it gives to the Admin the power to
summarily overrule player actions.  The problem is that it makes it too
easy for the game state to get accidentally shagged in game-breaking ways,
and that we won't find out for 20 days.

There that's a specific case in which the new rule 129 could be abused.
And it could be happening already for all I know.  we are heading for a
crash as soon as we get back from the pause.

Also (although this is fixable) it should use ndays not days.  Because if
the clock is stopped for 20 days there is no way we can keep the admin
from saying whatever e likes about the game state.