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Re: spoon-discuss: RE: spoon-business: Ballot, nweek 7

--The Sushi is fine. My problem is with people looking for

But isn't that the point, my dear Baron?

---Ah, Voice, it is one thing to search for problems in the game, or
with this maddening Sushi. It's not even cooked fully... Anyway, it is
quite another to search for problems in your fellow players, like how they fail to Sushificate eir votes. Wouldn't you agree, O Voice, that picking over the rules for some time is far less conducive to injured players than picking over the personalities of one's gamemates?

     That's not the first time today I've talked to a bodiless

     Yes, I know sushi isn't cooked. That was a joke, or attempt at



-<Shall I take your dismissal as tacit agreement, the O his use is and almost eps with far between the existence it will ask, it respected, as we say where I come from?>-

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