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spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: Using the rest of my proposals for the nweek

Quoth Jonathan Van Matre,

> #1:
> __Let's Nip This In The Bud__
> {{
> Add "Self-important use of Latin, especially in signature lines" to the LOGAS.
> }}

Sorry about that... I put all those on my list of random signatures and then
just forgot about them. I'll turn 'em off.
> #2:
> __You Can't Have Football Without Color Commentary__
> Create a new rule:
> __You Can't Have Football Without Color Commentary__
> {{
> "Color Commentator" is a Title.  The Title "Color Commentator" may not be held
> concurrently by more than two players.
> At the beginning of each nweek, the Administrator will choose at random a
> player who is not playing Football to be the Color Commentator for the nweek.
> The Color Commentator may also, at eir discretion, select a second player to
> be co-Color Commentator, in which case both players hold the title for the
> duration of the nweek.
> While in possession of the Title "Color Commentator", it is a player's duty to
> provide interesting commentary on the Football game in play.  Comedic
> imitation of the dim-wittedness of actual American football commentators is
> encouraged.
> A Color Commentator is exempt from GremBall while in possession of the "Color
> Commentator" Title.  This rule supersedes Rule 355.

Does 'exempt from GremBall' mean 'exempt from the rule entitled GremBall' or
'exempt from all things pertaining to Gremball'?

> At the end of the nweek, any player holding the "Color Commentator" Title
> surrenders the Title, and a new Color Commentator is chosen by the
> Administrator as described above.
> }}

*sigh* I don't like all these things that make people exempt from all the
Grid stuff. I think it would be more fun and more interesting if people had
to work around things instead of just flat-out ignoring them. That's part of
the reason why I don't entirely like the football proposal, 'cause what's
the point of having things like Shiny Things and Elbonian Airways if we just
make everyone immune to them?
> #3:
> __Fix The Haiku Bonus__
> {{
> Place open- and close-comment markers at the beginning and end respectively of
> the first paragraph of rule 357.
> Transfer from Scoff! to the Scoring Gremlin the same number of Score points
> earned by Scoff! for the passage of this proposal.
> [[No points for filling up holes I dug myself.]]
> }}
> [[Might as well fix it whether it's broke or not, since I have the proposals
> left this nweek anyway.]]

It might make more sense if you said 'the first three lines' instead of 'the
first paragraph', because I think technically the paragraph ends at the new
line, so this would make it look like

[[Players submitting]]
proposals in haiku form
earn 10 extra points.

Legally speaking, this would award 10 points to any proposal which was a
Haiku. What's a proposal going to do with points? (although that could be

> --Scoff!

What, no latin? ;)

Give a man a fire and he'll be warm for a day; set him on fire and he'll be
warm for the rest of his life.