Donald Whytock on 7 Feb 2002 19:48:11 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: The Daily Recognizer (Thursday morning)

On 2/7/02 at 5:58 PM David E. Smith wrote:

>Glotmorf's attempted Kick in Scoff!'s Ass failed, since it wasn't phrased
>in the precise form required by the ass-kicking rule.
>Hm. It may be a moot point anyway: The Voice requests a CFJ on that very
>same subject. CFJ 369, assigned to Congenital Optimist.

The words "required" and "must" don't show up in that rule. :)  But we'll let the judgment decide.

>Congenital Optimist catches Luigi. Whee!
>Iain (in Limbo, I believe) catches the King Gremlin and tosses it back to

Iain is in Limbo?  Damn.  That means I couldn't throw the King at Iain in the first place, because the rule only says people in Limbo can throw at people on the grid.  Mr. Admin...any chance people and things in Limbo can be listed at the bottom of the Grid page?