Donald Whytock on 7 Feb 2002 19:43:58 -0000

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RE: spoon-discuss: change what...

On 2/7/02 at 12:56 PM Gavin Doig wrote:

>> Uncle Psychosis, you might consider amending your So
>> Damn Ugly proposal to make it so the game state shall
>> be amended *to* what the admin said, instead of making
>> it so the game state shall be amended what the admin
>> said.... Just a thought..... :)
>You know, I actually noticed this... I'll fix it when I take out the
>extraneous "@@@"s that I pasted in (after the admin recognises it, as I'm
>not sure I can do it before).
>> Also, isn't putting 'Garth Brooks' on the Logas
>> illegal? (unless it's an Action now, in which case I
>> Garth Brooks Uncle Psychosis :)
>I think it'll become an action when it's on the list (it's a list of
>actions, so anything on it must be an action). Quite how one Garth Brooks
>I wouldn't like to think, but if Garth Brooks isn't generally abhorred...

Yeah, but there's no accounting for taste, so one can't reasonably discriminate for it.  Personally, there are some pierced-tongue people I'd like to give a kick in the ass to, but that would be Wrong.