Wonko on 8 Feb 2002 04:25:08 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: CFJ

Quoth David E. Smith,

> This CFJ will get a serial number later; it'll be assigned to The Voice.
> (If e wants to go ahead and write up a ruling on it, e's welcome to do so.
> It won't be official 'til I get the serial number thing straightened out,
> of course, but that's a minor point of contention.)
> ...dave

> I'm planning to add some kind of "stuff that's in Limbo" notation at some
> point, but for now Limbo consists of basically everything that's not on
> the grid.
> ...dave

Would it be helpful if someone proposed to turn off the Clock for a few
days? This would give you some time to fix whatever you want to without
having to worry about recognizing everything.... Just a thought.

There are no stupid questions; just stupid people.