Donald Whytock on 6 Feb 2002 05:33:40 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: CFJ: Scoff! Gets his Kicks

On 2/5/02 at 9:57 PM Wonko wrote:

>Quoth Tyler Crosby,
>> I call for Judgement!
>> STATEMENT:  Glotmorf did not succeed at giving Scoff! a Kick in the Ass
>> having a title which is not on the LON, as she was acting within her
>> capacity as the female Style Police by calling herself Miss Emma Stanton
>> Scoff of Hadleydale Manor.
>> I name Glotmorf as defendant.
>Ironically enough, I think any judge would have to rule this FALSE because
>although Glotmorf did not succeed in giving Scoff! a Kick, it had nothing
>do with Scoff!'s acting as female Style Police. In fact, the reason why
>Glotmorf failed to give Miss Scoff! a Kick was because he said "I am *so*
>giving her a Kick in the Ass." instead of "Scoff! gets a Kick in the Ass.".
>Since the Kick rule specifically requires the latter, the Kick fails not
>because it was unjustified but because it never happened in the first

There's nothing that says the text syntax is mandatory, or that it's the only possible syntax.  Hence, the same logic in one CFJ that said standard delimiters don't regulate the format of proposals should say in this CFJ that the syntax in r260 doesn't regulate the format of Kicks in the Ass.