Donald Whytock on 30 Jan 2002 06:40:16 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: NotKeywords

On 1/29/02 at 9:02 PM David E. Smith wrote:

>Okay, I spent about ten minutes hacking on a keyword system. (Right now,
>they're listed as "NotKeywords" for clarity.)
>It's ugly and not at all perfect yet, but it's there on the Web page.
>I would ask that suggestions for keywords just be tossed around
>informally, then someone can just make a big omnibus proposal that
>includes a whole lot of keyword additions, so we don't have about five
>trillion proposals that do nothing but add keywords to rules.
>Once it gets ironed out a bit, and there's enough real keywords to make it
>useful, I'll add the keywords to the Rules listing, so rules will look
>like this:
>Rule 352/1: The Flag Carrier (Keywords: Subgame, Flag)
>Each Team on the Grid shall designate one member as the Flag Carrier.
>Only Flag Carriers may carry Flags.
>The Flag Carrier may transfer the title of Flag Carrier to any other
>member of eir team by mutual agreement of the current and future Flag
>Carriers, at a cost of one point. This one-point cost may be paid by any
>member of the Team, or may come from the team's Stash.
>If the Flag Carrier abdicates while carrying a Flag, that Flag is
>immediately teleported to a random location in the Neutral Zone.
>[[ The above rule is just random stuff I made up. Looks cool, though... ]]
>That's in addition to the list of rules-by-keyword that will also exist.

I realize this is only a temporary listing, but could you perhaps put line breaks between the rule numbers and the titles of the rules next to them?  I mean, of course I remember what r18 is, and Uncle Psy has been kind enough to drill r10 into our heads, but...