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spoon-discuss: NotKeywords

Okay, I spent about ten minutes hacking on a keyword system. (Right now,
they're listed as "NotKeywords" for clarity.)

It's ugly and not at all perfect yet, but it's there on the Web page.

I would ask that suggestions for keywords just be tossed around
informally, then someone can just make a big omnibus proposal that
includes a whole lot of keyword additions, so we don't have about five
trillion proposals that do nothing but add keywords to rules.

Once it gets ironed out a bit, and there's enough real keywords to make it
useful, I'll add the keywords to the Rules listing, so rules will look
like this:

Rule 352/1: The Flag Carrier (Keywords: Subgame, Flag)

Each Team on the Grid shall designate one member as the Flag Carrier.
Only Flag Carriers may carry Flags.

The Flag Carrier may transfer the title of Flag Carrier to any other
member of eir team by mutual agreement of the current and future Flag
Carriers, at a cost of one point. This one-point cost may be paid by any
member of the Team, or may come from the team's Stash.

If the Flag Carrier abdicates while carrying a Flag, that Flag is
immediately teleported to a random location in the Neutral Zone.

[[ The above rule is just random stuff I made up. Looks cool, though... ]]

That's in addition to the list of rules-by-keyword that will also exist.


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