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Re: spoon-discuss: Re: Proosal

> > uin.
> > I repeal rule 10!
> >
> It's now been (over) an nweek since I performed the above actions. Therefore, they are
> considered to be legal (by rule 129), and rule 10 is no more (or possibly has been no more
> since then, but it doesn't matter at the moment which).
> Possible reasons for this to fail:
> CFJ136 - not relevant, as that CFJ was submitted and judged *before* the statute kicked in.
> R152 - it *is* permitted by the rules (specifically, r129 permits it).
> The fact that my action came after my signature - there's nothing to prohibit this, and we have
> the precedent of the admin recognising my point transfers of yesterday, which also came after
> my sig. What a convenient coincidence ;-)
> uin.

Rule 129 is irrelevant in this. Rule 18 states "Whatever is not prohibited or regulated by the Ruleset is permitted and unregulated, with the sole exception of Rule Changes, which are permitted only when a Rule or set of Rules explicitly or implicitly permits them. A Rule Change consists of the creation (enactment), modification (amendment), or deletion (repeal) of a rule."

Repealing a rule is explictly a Rule Change and explicly does NOT fall under the "permitted and unregulated" clause. 

Rule 129 just determines whether your action was "legal" -- it doesn't determine whether it was successful. Rule 129 makes no reference to the ability of legal actions to change the game state. In particular, Rule Changes -- a clearly defined subset of changes to the Game State -- are explicitly regulated by the Rules. Therefore no change to your Platonic game state ever took place and you've only been living under the hallucination that your action had any outcome. Rule 18 (and actually Rule 10 as well) takes precedence over all this, limiting your ability to repeal a rule by stating so in a sig.   

True enough that, at this point, no one can challenge you for attempting to repeal Rule 10 in your sig, but that doesn't mean Rule 10 is repealed.