Gavin Doig on 28 Jan 2002 18:52:24 -0000

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spoon-discuss: RE: spoon-business: CFJ 304 judgement

> Since this player is currently known as "Uncle Psychosis",

> and since "uin" is not eir real name (as suggested by the email header),
Also true.

> I must assume "uin" is a title e is bestowing upon emself.
Doesn't follow. There are numerous other possibilities; it could be some kind of customary salutation, or I could simply be incorrectly reporting my name (either accidentally, or as a deliberate falsehood). I claim that I am doing the second of these, and, since my name *used* to be (something which abbreviated to) uin, I think it seems pretty plausible.

Since neither making a mistake about your name nor claiming your name is something other than it is are regulated, and the rules make a quite clear distinction between names and titles, I can call myself what I please, as long as I don't claim it's a title. Which I don't.


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