Dan on 24 Jan 2002 02:01:57 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Dimensional Property

This is an idea I have been working on for a proposal.  It isn't a full
proposal yet--it needs a name, among other things.  So please let me know
what you think of it.

There might be a clearer way to say some of this stuff, or an easier way
to keep track of it.  I welcome any suggestions.

Enact a new rule:
__Dimensional Property__

Players may own Regions.  A Region is an area of multi-dimensional space
specified by listing its dimensional boundaries in the form
{(A,a)(B,b)(C,c)...} where A and a are the minimum and maximum values of
dimension 1, B and b are the minimum and maximum values of dimension 2, C
and c are the minumum and maximum values of dimension 3, and so on. Region
boundaries specified in this form are always inclusive.

No region or part of any region may ever be owned by more than one player 
or other entity at the same time.

Initially no region is owned.

A position is inside a region if and only if each dimension of the
position is within the boundaries of that dimension of the region.

No owned region may ever include the Origin {0,0,0...}.

[[Then include some way for player to purchase these regions]]

If at the beginning of an nweek player x is inside a region owned by
player y, 5 points are transfered from player x to player y.