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Re: spoon-discuss: Dimensional Property

This is an idea I have been working on for a proposal.  It isn't a full
proposal yet--it needs a name, among other things. So please let me >know what you think of it.

There might be a clearer way to say some of this stuff, or an easier >way to keep track of it. I welcome any suggestions.

Enact a new rule:
__Dimensional Property__

Players may own Regions. A Region is an area of multi-dimensional >space specified by listing its dimensional boundaries in the form {(A,a)(B,b)(C,c)...} where A and a are the minimum and maximum values >of dimension 1, B and b are the minimum and maximum values of >dimension 2, C and c are the minumum and maximum values of dimension >3, and so on. Region boundaries specified in this form are always >inclusive. No region or part of any region may ever be owned by more than one >player or other entity at the same time.

Initially no region is owned.

A position is inside a region if and only if each dimension of the
position is within the boundaries of that dimension of the region.

No owned region may ever include the Origin {0,0,0...}.

[[Then include some way for player to purchase these regions]]

If at the beginning of an nweek player x is inside a region owned by
player y, 5 points are transfered from player x to player y.


Yes, but wouldn't everyone just stay in their own region the entire time? One thing I would say about this is that it would work better if it were tied into The Grid (if it passes). That way, people would have a reason to go out and explore (shiny objects). Interesting idea, but I would say it needs a little thinking through and nitpicking (bean?).

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