Jonathan Van Matre on 10 Jan 2002 18:41:10 -0000

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RE: spoon-discuss: RE: spoon-business: The most-revised proposal ever: 236 again

>> Hypothetical situation:
>> I submit four proposals.  Someone forgets to count them.  All four
>> adopted and enacted.
>Cannot happen. We may *think* they've all been adopted and enacted, but
we'd be 
>wrong. Just as if the admin changed all the rules to "banana" - *our
records* might
>say that, but the *actual rules* wouldn't.

No, it does happen.  Under the statute of limitations, if no one noted
the discrepancy and submitted a CFJ, those changes to the game state
would be regarded as legal once the statute of limitations expired.  The
rules and game state are changed -- actually changed -- until someone
CFJs and a ruling is made that invalidates the changes.

In other words, actions that change the rules and game state are
innocent until proven guilty.

I'll grant you that once the game state, rules, and affiliated records
are updated post-judgement, it is *as if* the changes never happened.
But meanwhile, they did happen.  They may well have created effects
meanwhile, both legal and illegal, that need to be undone.

It's probably possible to create a better example of this, one where the
action being judged was not clearly illegal or legal, but subject to
interpretation.  The action taken is legal until judged otherwise.

In any event, I'll grant that there are cases where only the records
need to be changed, to match the actual game state (e.g. your banana
example).  But there are others where changes have actually taken place,
and must be reversed.