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RE: spoon-discuss: RE: spoon-business: The most-revised proposal ever: 236 again

Title: RE: spoon-discuss: RE: spoon-business: The most-revised proposal ever: 236 again

> Hypothetical situation:
> I submit four proposals.  Someone forgets to count them.  All four get
> adopted and enacted.
Cannot happen. We may *think* they've all been adopted and enacted, but we'd be wrong. Just as if the admin changed all the rules to "banana" - *our records* might say that, but the *actual rules* wouldn't.

>  Someone realizes what has happened and CFJs me for
> exceeding the bandwidth limit.  CFJ: "Scoff! submitted one too many
> proposals."  Ruling: True.  Now what?  We can change our *records* of
> the game state and rules, but if all that changes is the records, that
> means my 4th rule is in effect even if it's not on the record.  I still
> have the points I received for that 4th proposal, even if they are not
> on the record.
No, you never had those points in the first place, our records merely incorrectly reported that you did. We're changing our records to be in accordance with the true game state, as determined by the CFJ, not changing the game state to be in accordance with the CFJ.

nomic Platonist.

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