Wonko on 27 Dec 2001 01:14:47 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: New Rule Proposal: Bandwidth Rationing

on 12/26/01 3:46 PM, Donald Whytock at dwhytock@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> New Rule: Bandwidth Rationing
> Each player is limited to a maximum of three proposals per nweek.
> Rationale:
> I was also known as Geppetto in Nomopoly II
> (http://www.mit.edu/people/tivol/nomopoly/) and Blind Nomic
> (http://www.nomic.net/deadgames/blind/).  I have observed and experienced what
> it's like for a Nomic administrator to go quite buggy from being inundated
> with proposals.  If we bombard with proposals, we'll find out where the line
> is between a labor of love and just plain labor.

Only 3? Couldn't it be at least 5?