Doig, Gavin on 19 Dec 2001 16:16:29 -0000

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RE: spoon-discuss: Look! it's a rant!

I have to admit to being almost completely baffled by this rant.

No one, so far as I can tell, has exploited (or, to the best of my
knowledge, even seen) any loopholes in the initial rules. While I'd
certainly not say that those rules were perfect, any problems I have with
them are mostly either to do with things not being explicit that imo should
be (proposals taking effect, for example), or aesthetic (I don't like rule
12 at all - I never have, in any version of nomic). (I can actually make a
good case for it being better to start with a slightly flawed initial
ruleset, but that's another story).

The only loophole surfing I've seen has been my attempt to abuse rule 129,
and those of the handful of people that copied it. Some may have thought we
were abusing the score/points thing, but I don't think that worked then, and
it's certainly fixed now.

I'll admit that my time in Ackanomic has left me with the feeling that
simply copying someone else's scam attempt is in slightly poor taste, but if
all you're doing is giving yourself some points - so what? No one I know
plays nomic for points, and all the fun of loophole surfing comes from
working out how do it and, yes, arguing your case afterwards. That, for me,
is a source of at least as much fun as actually proosing stuff.

I did try and convince people not to vote for proosal 117 (the source of the
scam), but even though they did, the net upshot was:
One person (Jebus?) got a win.
Rule 129 will shortly be repealed by rule 235.

I fail to see any one attempting, let alone succeeding, to break the game in
any of that (it would have been entirely possible for someone to have
created a rule giving themself dictatorial power over every aspect of the
game, but no one did). NWeek 1 is now over, and with it the window for
exploiting this loophole, so I can't see any way that even one more win, let
alone an infinite number of them, can come about.

It may not have been an ideal start to the game, but I don't think the sky
is falling just yet.


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