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spoon-discuss: RE: spoon-business: how's this for cancelling actions?

> [[ And as long as we're cleaning up... ]]
> ...shall no longer possess <n> points independent of eir score...

Most of these people simply set their score, not created points (I did both,
IIRC). I at least wasn't relying on points and scores not being related
(personally, I think they were (at least implicitly)), but rather on r129's
blanket legalisation of everything I did. So no one has points independent
of their scores, they just have high scores. In fact, they will all be reset
to 0 before the end of nweek 2 when someone (whoever set their score to 1000
- you damn kids, stealing my scam) wins. (I'm not sure when it happens, but
it's after the end of nweek 1 anyway (proof of this is left as an exercise
for the reader ;-)), so it's not important).

So go ahead and kick me out and in, it doesn't matter - my score's 0 either
way. :-P


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