Daniel Lepage on 19 Dec 2001 00:35:04 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: Look! it's a rant!

If I may offer a suggestion, and I very much hope that I may,
I see that your nomic has run into problems endangering continuation of

I suggest you write down the *good* changes you've made since the start of
the week numbered 1,
Then lump all these bits into one big proposal, in the interests of
everyone's fun.

Then throw in a clause that resets all the scores and takes back all the
Wins players got,
And resets all the rules to the way they had been back when the ruleset had
changed not.

Set revisions to 0, set nweeks to 1, and set all else that is not right,
Then propose the whole mess, it'll fix things, I guess. Happy nomic to all,
and good night.

                                            -An Observer

Note: This circumvents the need for either 'un-doing' past actions, which is
technically illegal under rule 17/0 (actions cannot alter the past) or
destroying the game and starting over, which is just plain annoying.
If anyone decides to use this idea, you also might want to write this up,
propose it, and get it recognized before any other proposals are recognized,
so that it doesn't erase the effects of other proposals this nweek if and
when it takes effect.

P.S. It might be easier just to make a proposal that states that all actions
taken in the first two nweeks aside from proposing, voting on, and passing
this act are retroactively made illegal, and also have the act include all
the first nweek's fixes. I think either of these methods should solve
everything, though of course if you have any other changes you want made,
put them in. I'm not a player, so someone else should write this up and
propose it, if you think it's a good idea. Happy Nomic!

From: Robin Lee Powell <rlpowell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 12:50:23 -0800
To: spoon-discuss@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: spoon-discuss: Look! it's a rant!

On Tue, Dec 18, 2001 at 08:39:39PM +0000, David E. Smith wrote:
[snip rant]
> Guess what: This is not fun.

I agree.

> Rules aren't being proposed and debated. The list lies mostly silent,
> save for the occasional outburst of "hey, I found another dickheaded
> mistake Dave made! I'm gonna bugger the game!" and a chorus of "Me
> too!".


Unfortunately, having never been in a Nomic before, and being very sleep
deprived, I haven't thought up anything fun yet.


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