Joel Uckelman on 19 Oct 2000 15:32:20 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: updates, etc.

Quoth "Harrison, Andrew":
> > What I'd like to see happen is to split off the judicial 
> > duties to a Clerk 
> > of Courts--that would help a lot, since I can handle the 
> > proposals and 
> > revisions as they come if I don't have to do anything with the RFJs.
> I'd be happy to help with anything that is needed. It should be made a
> formal position cos the Rules say that the Administrator should do it. I'm
> sure you could make some sort of Order to delegate part of your duties in
> the mean time though.
> --
> The Kid

The other important thing would be for any other officers to submit reports 
in a standardized format so they can be read directly into the 
db--otherwise it doesn't save me any work. By a standard format, I mean 
something simple, like:


It needs to be something with a regular pattern, so I can just cat the 
message to one of my scripts to get the info on the page.


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