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spoon-discuss: Deputies

The following is a draft for a proposal, please let me know what you think
cos I realize that this may be a contentious issue. The basic summary of the
rule is that the Administrator may perform another Officers duty if he needs
to, and other players can do the Administrators duties if they need to.
Obviously I've put some restrictions on the latter, or else the whole thing
will just degenerate into a farce.

I Shot The Sheriff

If the Administrator deems that an Officer has not performed their duties in
a reasonable time, then the Administrator may declare emself to be the
Deputy of that Officer and perform those duties instead of the Officer

If a Player deems that the Administrator has not performed eir duties in a
reasonable time, then the Player may declare emself to be the Deputy
Administrator. The Player must specify exactly what duties e thinks that the
Administrator should have performed. The Player must then wait 24 hours
before e may carry out these duties as Deputy Administrator. If another
player objects to the Player's Deputyship or the Administrator performs the
duties within those 24 hours then the Player may not perform those duties

Special Case:
In the case that the duties the Deputy Administrator wishes to carry out
would affect the Ballot Issues for that nweek [[eg. Recognition of Proposal
submission or alteration]] and voting starts in less than 24 hours, then the
Deputy Administrator need only wait 6 hours to perform the duties. However
the duties do not officially happen until the second before voting starts,
so players may still object in the intervening time.

The following exceptions apply to the Deputy Administrator:
The Deputy Administrator may not recognize es own actions [[eg. Proposal
submission or alteration]].
The Deputy Administrator may not assign or recuse Judges for an RFJ in which
e is the Plaintiff or Defendant.
The Deputy Administrator may not credit any Player with a Win.

The Kid