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Re: spoon-business: Re: spoon-discuss: new lists

Benjamin Bradley sprach:
>this is pretty silly.
>remind me again why we have different mailing lists for business and
>since I'm not a player yet, I can't make any proposals, so this is my
>I understand how having a special e-mail address for voting/etc is needed,
>but it seems an easier way to differentiate between discussion and
>official actions would be to include some marker in each specific message.
>like the <proposal tag> but maybe less/more formal like:
>Agent Benjamin makes the following statement:
>I desire to be a player in this game of nomic. I wish to be known as
>note this was sent to the business list, so it is an official game action.
>but wait, is it? wasn't the text indicating a game action enclosed in
>(invisible) understood quote marks?

The game will be run, in part, by a computer. Having a second list
makes it easy on the programmer. I don't think it's all that much
more difficult to send business to the business list. In fact,
I think it's easier than marking up business posts by hand. WTF?


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