Andrew Proescholdt on 3 Oct 2000 05:28:40 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: RFJ 1

Actually, I think the rules imply Joel is a player.  One rule defines Joel
as the administrator.  Since the administror is an office, and an officer
must be a player, Joel must be a player.
I don't know how this works with the rule about nothing stopping players
from forfeiting....


At 12:20 AM 10/3/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Quoth "Kieron Jarvis":
>> If Joel rules against RFJ1 then he may not be able to definitively prove
>> himself to be a Player either. If he's not a Player then he is not
>> Administrator (R208).
>> I don't know whether he has sent a message to the list stating that he
>> desires to be a Player (R209). I haven't seen one since I joined.
>> I'm not going to call an RFJ on this. I am not attacking Joel. I do want to
>> avoid a situation where weeks later we find that Joel is not officially a
>> Player and has been voting etc and RFJing as a Player. So, I'll trust
him to
>> do the right thing or let someone else call the RFJ.
>> XnJester
>Point taken, but I think I'm safe on this one. I didn't need to declare 
>myself a Player because I stipulated when starting the game that I was 
>already a Player (to avoid exactly the problem you describe).
>Play Nomic!