Adam Tomjack on 3 Oct 2000 14:40:29 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: RFJ 1

> My (admittedly bad) solution to this is to take Playerhood to be
> self-evident in some (many?) cases. This is a rather Godel-esque problem,
> in that there seems to be no satisfactory way to handle certain questions
> within the system, e.g. "No one is a Player.", "No one is eligible to be a
> Judge.", and other variations on the same theme. If someone can think of a
> principled way to deal with these, we should give em a medal or something.
> We were never able to do so in Berserker...

If Joel rules that those who have expressed their desires to become players 
are not players, and Joel's playerhood were called into question, he could 
forfeit, thus ending the game (??  Or would he have to make a proposal and 
vote?)  Anyway, when the game which may or may not have started ends, we can 
(from outside of a yet-to-be started game) add some rules such as these:

Any entity capable of communicating via any forum shall be considered capable 
of action and thus is an Agent.

The entity (or Agent) which initiates the nomic for the first time shall 
enter the game as a Player with the status of Administrator.

All actions directed towards indefinitely vacant offices shall be handled by 
the Administrator.  (Or something like this so that there will always be an 
eligible judge so long as there is an Administrator)

The Administrator may not resign eir office or forfeit the game (need to 
change the forfeit rule) until a successor is chosen. (So that there will 
always be an Administrator.  Of course then you need a way to end the game 
with players still in the game, because the Admin can't forfeit without a 

Adam Tomjack