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[s-b] Consultation 183

I Answer Consultation 183 YES, thanks BP.

My Answer is only part of the game if I am an Active Player, and I am not
comex. Hence, the only logical Answer is YES.

And now here's why I actually should be answering this question, i.e. why
we're all still Players:

comex created a Contract, specifying that Players could become bound to it
by breathing. The contract created the obligation for parties other than
comex to forfeit, and comex triggered this action for all Active Players
(save for himself) a few minutes after creating the Contract.

I would argue that no one but comex ever became bound by that Contract.
Thus, he never successfully triggered forfeits, and no one was deregistered
without doing so themselves.

Rule 5E10 (Game Actions) states that "A Game Action is defined as any
activity specified by the Rules that changes the state of the game." In
addition, "To perform a Game Action, an Outsider must post a message to a
Public Forum specifying that they are taking that action", though "The
also have the power to cause an Outsider to take Game Actions whether they
post or not."

Because breathing would change the state of the game, it is a Game Action.
Though it is reasonable to assume that most Players breathed between the
time the Contract was created and comex tried to deregister em, no Player
breathed to a Public Forum. The only other way for Outsiders (including
Players) to take Game Actions is by posting to such a forum, unless the
Rules cause them to take the Game Action without posting.

No part of the Rules ever causes any Player to breathe. Therefore, any
breathing that occurs outside of the context of the game (not on a Public
Forum) cannot be considered a Game Action, meaning it cannot change the
state of the game.


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